What is ASPE?

ASPE, the Alabama Society of Professional Engineers, was founded in 1951 to protect and promote the profession of engineering as a social and economic influence vital to society. ASPE is a State Society of the National Society of Professional Engineers.

ASPE's members include licensed professional engineers, engineer interns, engineering students in all disciplines of the profession. ASPE members work in industry, government, private practice and education.

Mission Statement

ASPE promotes the ethical and professional practice of engineering, advocates licensure, and enhances the image of the profession through education, leadership training, networking and outreach activities. 

The mission of ASPE is the same of the National Society of Professional Engineers, to:

  • Serve as the recognized and authoritative expert in licensure, ethics, and professional practice;
  • Promote licensure and assists individuals in becoming licensed; and
  • Protect and enhances the value of licensure and the opportunities for the licensed engineer.